Thank you for your participation in New Year 2071

Dear all,

First of all we would like to thank all coordinators and its members for helping and supporting us to bring this Nepali Calendar New Year 2071 B.S.  It could not be happened without your participation and support. Our appreciation goes to all individual sponsors/donors as well as to all businesses that placed advertisement at this program as a donation for the organization, your support and help gave us an opportunity to continue this event in Nepali community in Chicago. No event would be well organized without dedication of volunteers so our thanks go to all volunteers who have supported us, each of them have played significant role in this event. We also thank to our Chief Guest, Honorary Consul General of Nepal, Marvin A. Brustin, all advisers, life members, general members and all participants/supporters. Our special thanks go to all who have worked hard as a backbone for this event and to our guest artist Raju Lama including all local talents who covered the program with various attractions. If you do have any pictures from this event you would like to share with us please send it to our email . We always look forward for your suggestions, feedbacks, comments, and your active participation on our forthcoming events. Thank you so much and you have a very Happy New Year 2071.