About Us

A little about who we are

Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society (CNFS) is a registered 501 (c) (3) tax exempt charitable non-profit organization. It was established in 2007 to support Nepali (Nepalese) immigrants in Chicagoland area.The number of Nepalese immigrants coming to Chicago is increasing every year. CNFS has always helped and supported those Nepalese for their survival and continuity of their journey in different walk of life. As an organization we have dreamed and have worked to create a better environment for all the Nepalese people living away from their home country.We are also helping the Nepalese community around Chicago area by creating a platform or a CHAUTARI where every Nepali can gather around to share their problems and happiness and also celebrate their great festivals together.

Mission Statement

To improve overall quality of life of Nepalese immigrants in Chicagoland, ensuring their dignity, respect and well-being, through education, training and developing capabilities by empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential through a broad spectrum of services; create better lives for themselves and their families while strengthening community action and civic engagement, foster their participation on keeping intact their culture and social values in America.


  • Carryout multipurpose activities to enhance social and economical well being of immigrants from Nepal.
  • Foster their active participation by creating conducive environment to all the immigrants to bring about positive changes in their overall status and the system exist in the American society.
  • Motivate and promote their role for keeping intact their culture and social values to builds strong community in Chicagoland.


To establish socially and culturally rich Nepalese community in America


  • To establish a culturally rich and economically viable service center to carry out multipurpose activities to enhance social and economical well being of immigrants from Nepal and neighboring country from South Asia
  • To provide all kinds of information, communication, education and training support needed to develop financial capabilities for being independent on their own.
  • To coordinate, facilitate, and promote social, religious and charitable activities among its members and friends around the neighborhoods to preserve, nurture and promote beauty of Nepalese culture and heritage in occasion of religious and social importance.


  • Information, education and communication services.
  • Social Cultural and economical orientation to the new immigrants from Nepal and neighboring South Asian Countries.
  • Counseling services.
  • Training and leadership development.
    • Language and Computer Literacy.
    • Semi-skilled professional training.
    • Multicultural Youth leadership training.
  • Socio-cultural activities.
  • Community participation and social action for systemic change.
  • Networking and Coalition.
  • Employment coordination.
  • Nexus for investor to investment in Nepal and US.
  • Health and Nutrition education and training.
  • Ayurvedic Medical and Health Care services to the needy and elder citizens.
  • Spiritual healing (Yoga, Pranic, and Jurae Healing) services.
  • Tax preparation, counselling and  benefit services.

Our Values and Principles

  • Social change through active participation and consensus of the people.
  • We serve all regardless race, religion, cast, creed, color, sex and physical orientation.
  • Unity is diversity, diversity for unity.
  • We trust you if you trust other.
  • Changes is inevitable, believe on our strength.
  • No one is bad by birth; this is the product of society.
  • Collective efforts.
  • We appreciate cultural diversity and strength.


  • Indigenous knowledge, skills and experiences brought by the immigrants Enhanced.
  • Spirit of solidarity, friendship, and concept of united family among the Immigrants in the neighborhood developed.
  • Sense of cooperation, coordination, commitment and dedication for the benefit of the Community developed.
  • Self sustained, dignified, respectful, culturally rich, economically and academically sound community established.
  • A group of intercultural leader in Chicagoland developed.
  • Well organized, cultured, disciplined, and high profile divers group formed in and around Chicagoland.