Final Fund Raising and Disbursement Report

Dear all,

This is the final report of the “Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, Chicago, IL”, a coalition of a number of Nepali organizations in the Chicagoland area banded together to raise and disburse funds under the tax-exempt aegis of Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society with the tenure of the current fundraising expiring in May and the final accounting to be concluded thereafter.

The Committee decided in various meetings to:

Disburse the entire net proceeds of the Fund to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund in Nepal,

Present a check to the Ambassador of Nepal, during his visit in May, made out to the Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC on behalf of the Nepal Prime Minister Relief Fund, in compliance with this.

Send a check for the entire net balance in the Fund to the Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC, as before, upon concluding the accounting of the pending revenues and expenses as of May 30, 2015.

On May 30, the Fund Committee presented a check for $45,000 from the Relief funds to Ambassador Dr. Arjun Karki.  Concurrently, affiliate organizations working closely with the Fund presented separate checks for $27,550 and $10,001 respectively. Those funds were later transferred into the Prime Minister’s Fund, per information from the Embassy. It is now our pleasure to report that $11,060.62 is being transferred to the Embassy and the account is as follows:


Paypal                  $19,849.11

Cash                      $40,159.14

Total              $60,008.25


Paypal                    $     593.53

Vigil                        $  1,195.09

May 30 Event     $  1,484.01

Other                      $     675.00

Total                $   3,947.63

Total Net        $  56,060.62

Disbursed on 05/30                                 $  45,000.00

Amount now sent to Embassy  $  11,060.62

Please note that 93% of the gross revenue were transferred to earthquake relief. The May 19th Vigil was funded by a $1,400 cash donation from a sponsor and accounted with the fund and some of the proceeds from the May 30th event were used to fund its expenses. It is understood that any future revenues or liabilities attributable to this Fund be assumed by CNFS, should any arise.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the numerous Committee members and volunteers for their help and courtesy and all the donors and supporters.

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, Chicago, IL 0804