Welcome to summer barbeque July 1st 2018

Dear All,

We would like to request your valuable presence as we are ready for July 1st, Sunday for summer BBQ program organized by CNFS. We would like to heartily invite you and your family for the event. Along with deliciousness of food and beverages, we hope the day will be very fun and enjoyable get together.

To make this day more entertaining we have included lots of fun and sports activities as follows.

1. Volleyball for men( Registration with Baburam Sapkota@ 312-961-0882)

2. Soccer for men (Registration with Gopal GC@312-731-5693.)

3. Musical chair for kids and women( Registration with Prakash Devkota@ 773-312-0324 )

4. 100m run for men/Kids (Registration with Krishna Pathak@7735261086)

5. Miscellaneous fun activities

Registration for volleyball and soccer will be closed by June 30th, 2018 Saturday @ 5 PM, While other events can be registered the same day.

Registration fee $ 5.00 per person for each of sports. Trophies and certificates will be distributed to all winners on CNFS’s upcoming 6th general assembly on Aug 5, 2018.

Furthermore, we highly encourage to renew or get new membership: Contact any executives there will be a separate table for membership distribution and renewal.


# Entry – free (donation and sponsorship appreciated )

# Venue – Foster Beach

# Date – July 1, 2018.

# Time- 11 AM to 7PM

For RSVP, donation, sponsorship and suggestion; please get back following executive

1. Tekraj Paudel -3127742132

2. Ishwori Pathak -773-526-1086

3. TN Bhandari -773-750-2696


*Date and time may be subject to change due to weather condition.