Thank You for Your Participation in Teej 2070

We would like to thank you for your participation on this great festival Teej 2070 which only happened from your incredible support. We are always committed to preserve our culture and our identity, and again we promise to do lot better on coming days for this community. This program not only preserved our culture but also gave an opportunity to introduce ourselves in the community and gave a chance to experience our culture here far from our home country Nepal. We hope you enjoyed the program and we would like to have feedback from you if you do have any so we can do better in coming days.

CNFS thanks to all of our well-wishers, general members, non-members, life members, advisers, volunteers, program coordinators, donors for astounding support. Without your support it could not be happened successful. Our appreciations goes to Nepal House Restaurant for delivering quality food in the event.

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 Teej 2070 Video