Thank you for attending CNFS Summer BBQ and Sports Picnic

Dear all,

Let us celebrate great success on Sunday’s summer BBQ and sports program organized by CNFS. Although the weather forecast for the day was not very favorable for any outdoor activities, it turned out pretty good for the day. But it would be injustice if we gave all credit to the weather and forgot all of your contribution and support to the program.

We would like to thank you for your participation and involvement. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to our donors, volunteers and community leaders for their relentless support and effort to make the program successful. Furthermore, we would like to welcome and express our special thanks to those who got new membership of this organization. We hope you all felt the program was worthy and enjoyed it to the fullest.

We look forward to see you all in our upcoming 5th general assembly on August 21, 2016 Sunday. Details to come soon.

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