Krishna Pandey: Reverse Speller

Dear All,
CNFS is going to conduct a program with our very talented reverse speller Mr Krishna Pandey who is stepping forward to participate in the “World Records Setter” and “Guinness World Records” , and before registering there he has to do few programs as resume , so he has asked for help with CNFS to organize a program in Chicagoland. We would like you all to participate and encourage him on following date, time and venue. His talent in his own word.
 “I am working on setting my name in the Guinness World record as a “person who spells the highest number of English words reversely”. I have an ability of spelling any words backwards without memorizing. To take my test, a person will pronounce and spell that word for me, then I will be spelling it reversely instantly. The amount of time that I will be spending for spelling any words backwards will not be longer than that of a person when spelling it straight.  This process will continue until and unless I will make mistake. I want to spell abundant number of words and make the world records on spelling the huge number of words in the backwards.
So my ability demonstrate that if an ordinary person, in one listen, can remember and spell from left to right, I can do the same from right to left. For instance, Krishna> anhsirK , Chicago> ogacihC”
Please come and join us in the program and help him to promote. All of you can ask him your own spelling and take a test whether he can or not. Don’t miss the opportunity.
Free Admission to all
Date :     01/21/2013
Venue : Curry hut restaurant
              410 Sheridan Rd Highwood, IL 60040 (Self  Pay Buffet)
Time :    12:00 Noon to 2:00 pm