सदस्यता नबिकरण तथा नया सम्बन्धि सुचना – 2023


Hello Everyone,
Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society has been working together to deliver community services, conserve culture as per our mission statement.

CNFS’s recent meeting has decided to increase its active members through accepting new members and renewal of existing members to further extend its services and streamline future welfare plan to the community.

We request you to kindly renew or get new membership and pass this message to your family, friend and new comers.


Membership Distribution and Renewal Committee

Suman shrestha: 5619008411 – Cordinator

Khem pathak:       7735902213 – Advisor

Krishana khanal:  5853197058 – Member

Jagan Niraula:      7733962230

Indrakant chaudhary: 3128437921

Padam Rana:          3137538457

Min darlami :         7735516192

Menuka tharu:       7737091886

Bhim bhandari.     :8728068551

Govinda ghimire.  :3126191253

Laxman Shah:     3125938757


Membership Type and Fees:

Life Membership:             $ 151

General Membership:      $ 10 for two years

Membership Renewal:     $10 for two years


Please contact Membership Committee members ,Executive Members  or Do online from below link for your choice. We highly recommend you to get Life Membership to position yourself in our VIP list.


Thanking you for your time and we will be updating you our future plan and progress to

serve our community better.

For Membership Online link



Bijendra Bikram Rana

Secretary General