Invitation to Summer BBQ Program

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Summer Program 2014

Venue: Foster Beach (East on Foster and Lake Shore drive by Soccer Field)

Date: July 20th, 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 12 PM to 7 PM

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Dear all,
We all know Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society (CNFS) has been organizing summer program for couple of years. As a continuation, CNFS has announced “Summer Program 2014” already including sports activities and fun programs. The event includes chicken Barbecue with Nepali foods, fruits and soft drinks. We would like to invite you all to join and help us to make this program successful.
Sport activities:

  1. Musical chair for women and kids (for kids up to age of 12)
  2. Volleyball for men and women
  3. 100 meter running for men
  4. 50 meter running for kids (Added after high demand)
  5. Men’s Soccer (Added after high demand)
  6. Quiz Contest (General Knowledge, Geography, political, history) for adults
  7. Basketball for men
  8. Ghaito Futaune

Registration fee of $5.00 per game (individual) will apply to all participants to any sports and for quiz contest. Trophy and certificates will be distributed to the winners. There are limited seats for sports activities and participants will be selected based upon “First come first serve” basis. So for soccer and basketball please register your name with Ishwari Bagale (773 997 0840) before 07/13/2014 and other sports registrations by 07/18/2014.

(Few games may take place on the day before or a week earlier depending on the feasibility)

Please contact following persons for more details:
1    Tek B. K.C                               summer program coordinator        773 319 2804
2    Dorendra Adhikari                     quiz contest coordinator               773 936 7791
3   Gopal Kandel                             running coordinator                        773 370 4013
4    Kashi P. Singh                          musical chair coordinator              773 317 0460
5    Suraj Ghimire                     volleyball and basketball             773 816 1744
6    Jitendra B.Rana                         finance coordinator                        773 732 1583
7    Ganesh Thapa                  whole sports coordinator                 817 715 3975
8    Ishwari Bagale                           sports registration                           773 997 0840
9    Ravi Karki                                 Ghaito Futaune coordinator               773 387 7061
10 Arjun Subedi                               sound control                                    312 519 7504

Please contact Mr. Jitendra Rana (773 732 1583) if you would like to donate cash or any fruits, watermelons, juice, spoons, napkins, plates, cups, charcoal, volleyballs, basketball, trophy etc. Some cash and food items have pledged as:

Drinking water: Nira Wosti
Soft Drinks: Suresh Basyal – Agent, New York Life Insurance Corporation
Green corn “Makai”, juice and fruits: Khem Pathak and friends
Vegetable Pakora: Ganesh Bista – Tava restaurant
Achar: Ganesh Chapagain, Khimanand Bhandari, Jitendra Rana and Tek K C
Bhatta Chiura: Iswori Bagale
Chana Bhuteko: Benimadhav Kandel
Marinating chicken and vegetables: Bala Ghimire
Cash Donation: Madan Chaudhary, Lok Raj Neupane

Free Entry to all (Donation and Sponsorship accepted)
Venue:              Foster Beach (East on Foster and Lake Shore drive by Soccer Field)
Date:                 July 20th, 2014 (Sunday)
Time:                 12 PM to 7 PM
*Date and time may subject to change due to the unfavorable weather condition.

We kindly request you to be CNFS’s life member, general member and renew your membership, contact Benimadhav Kandel ‘Gopal’ (773 370 4013) for membership and renewal.
If you do have creative suggestions for this event please let us know, we will try our best to work with it.

Note: Please inform us, if you are vegetarian, so your preference can have precedence.