CNFS Nomination Announcement for 2014 -2016

Dear all, Namaste !

We would like to announce the CNFS executive committee (2014-2016) election and its process on behalf of CNFS decision and bylaws for the period of 4th General Assembly of Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society – NFP which is going to be organized by CNFS on following Date, Time and Venue.

Date: August 17, 2014

Time: 12:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Venue: 2519 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659 (Northshore Banquet Hall, upper level)

First of all, we thank CNFS Executive Committee for giving us an opportunity and responsibility to complete the CNFS executive committee (2014-2016) election. We proudly take this responsibility and we are so much committed on this regards for the fair and healthy upcoming election. As per our responsibility we have concluded the following criteria to be an eligible candidate for the following different positions. We hope all CNFS members will participate on this election process to elect a perfect Executive Committee of CNFS for 2014-2016 term. To declare your candidacy, please visit CNFS website for nomination form and pay fees online.


1 President

2 Vice President 1 (Program Development/Administration)

3 Vice President 2 (Public Relation/Operation)

4 Vice President 3 (Fund Raising/ Finance)

5 General Secretary

6 Treasurer

7 Executive Member

8 Executive Member

9 Executive Member

10 Executive Member

11 Executive Member

12 Executive Member

13 Executive Member

14 Executive Member

15 Executive Member

Criteria for nomination and election process:

– All candidates should be CNFS valid general member

– All candidates must be age of 21 years or above

– All Candidates must be resident of Chicagoland (Chicago and its all suburbs), Illinois

– All Candidates must be Nepali or Nepali origin

– All Candidates should be clear on financial due records with CNFS

– For the president position, candidates should have completed as any of CNFS executive positions in the previous or recent terms.

– One eligible candidate shall nominate for only one position

– All candidates must follow the CNFS bylaws

– Women candidacy highly encouraged

– All candidates shouldn’t have the responsibility of executive positions of any political organizations/institutions or its affiliations currently. If he/she has so, should leave voluntarily that position to be eligible candidate for CNFS election 2014

– Online and email voting will not be available and physical voting only

– No one shall vote on behalf of absence voters, every individual voters must be physically present for the valid vote

– Winner will be decided with higher votes

– As per CNFS decision, the nomination fees are as follows: for President $30.00, all other vital posts $20.00 and executive members $10.00 (Non-refundable)

– Subscription of new or renewal of membership of CNFS by 08/12/2014 (11:59 PM Central time) only can cast a vote.

Candidacy nomination and withdrawal Schedule:

Candidacy Nomination open date: 08/03/2014 (12:00 AM central time)

Candidacy Nomination end date: 08/12/2014 (11:59 PM central time)

Candidacy withdrawal/adjustment start date: 08/13/2014 (12:00 AM central time)

Candidacy withdrawal/adjustment end date: 08/14/2014(11:59 PM central time)

If you have any questions and concerns regarding CNFS election, please feel free to contact to CNFS election committee via email or phone numbers below.

Thank you very much for your cooperation

With highest Regards

CNFS Election Committee 2014

Khem Pathak (Coordinator)

Phone: 773 590 2213

Dal B. Shrestha – Member

Phone: 773 807 4196

Khimanand Bhandari – Member

Phone: 773 593 1547

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